The internet has become an important part of 21st century life, I can guide you through the process of getting you onto the internet.3This footnote will have the number 3

Domain Registration

The first step onto the internet is to register an “internet domain”. This is your identity in the internet and is made up of a name followed by a suffix. e.g. our domain is – “urbanturtle” is the name – “.co” indicates we are a company – “.uk” indicates we are in the UK.

Choosing the right options is very important – I can advise you of the best option to suit your requirements. Once you have your internet domain, I can set up email services and internet hosting for you.

Email Services

Your domain can have any combination of :-

  • standard (POP3) email addresses – this allows you to collect email using Microsoft Outlook or other email programs.
  • email forwarders – this forwards email on to any existing email address that you may already have.

Website Design / Internet Applications

Using a variety of development tools I can produce you a website from a simple site to a fully functional, database enabled site.

Internet Hosting

I provide Internet Hosting to our clients with a wide variety of platforms:-

  • Windows 2008 Server
  • Linux Server
  • SQL Server data server
  • MySQL data server
  • ASP / ASP.NET / PHP / WordPress Environments
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    This footnote will have the number 3